Future Cities Digest #24 (08/05/2014)

by Lukasz Alwast

A short summary of the stories and themes which emerged in the last 8 weeks:

‘Quantified district’ – Hudson Yards in New York becoming with the help of CUSP an ‘urban laboratory for data science
Awards for urban ingenuity – Bloomberg Philanthropies announcing the European finalists of their Mayors Challenge
Android OS for wearable’s – Google releasing its new operation system focused on a new generation of smart watches
Android OS for vehicles – Audi, GM, Honda, Google and Nvidia creating an alliance to bring a common platform to allow automakers to bring cutting-edge technologies to their drivers
High-speed broadband in cars – Audi, GM and Toyota rolling-out 4G LTE communication into consumer vehicles
Bold moves in the augmented-reality industry  – Facebook taking over the virtual-reality manufacturer Oculus-Rift
Predictive events-participation analytics – a group of scientist at Cambridge Uni working with Foursquare data to anticipate events people attend
Prototyping modular phones – Google hosting a developer conference around its ‘modular-phone’ – Project Ara

We’ve also picked-up on the following, interesting publications:

Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK (UKERC)
Refiling the Innovators Prescription: The new wave of med-tech (Nesta)
Millennials in Adulthood: Detached from Institutions, Networked with Friends (Pew Research Center)
The future of public health: a horizon scan (RAND)
Mapping Smart Cities in the EU (European Parliament)
Open Data for Resilience Initiative: a Field Guide (World Bank)
Smart People, Smart Places: Realizing Digital Local Government (NLGN)
The Future is Cities (MIT Spectrum)
Cities Alive (Arup)
Digital Life 2025 (Pew Research Center)
Good Incubation (Nesta)
Growing Greener Cities: In Latin America and the Caribbean (FAO)
The Medellin Declaration (UN Habitat)
U.S Views of Technology and the Future (Pew Research Centre)
Innovation Population (Nesta)

& recent books:

Urban Ecology: Science of Cities (Richard T.T. Forman)
Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread – The Lessons From a New Science (Alex Pentland)
Well-Being and Beyond: Broadening the Public and Policy Discourse (T. Hamalainen & J. Michealson)
Internet of Things Based on Smart Objects (Giancarlo Fortino, Paolo Trufno)
A History of Future Cities (D. Brook)
Food City  (C.J. Lim)